God is back on Earth,

Comes to judge us,

Choose who’ll go to Heaven

And who may be forgiven.

Some will go to Hell,

Who did not well ;

These ones were bad people,

But He will save the gentle.

Hear the trum­pet ring,

Sky is tearing.

See : God is arriving,

For the fai­th­ful He’s looking.

He lands here and sees

How mad man is :

Around Him noone cares,

And He thinks it’s a nightmare.

World’s become a mess

With man’s madness ;

We made so many wars,

Just ’cause one god isn’t ours…

(An Irish woman : )

“Went to church and pray

Eve­ry sunday,

I sho­wed out all my faith,

Before meal I said the grace.

— Have you forgotten

This angli­can ?

He was lyn­ched to death

‘Cause he hadn’t the good faith !

Satan, thou friend of mine,

This one will be thine.”

(An Ame­ri­can lawyer : )

“I have jud­ged for years

Rob­bers, killers.

I was always harder

To make this coun­try safer.

— Don’t you remember

This car robber

You injai­led ’til his death

’cause he had a dark brown face ?

Satan, thou friend of mine,

This one will be thine.”

(A South Afri­can colon : )

“I have fought for you

My whole life through,

Against these atheists

Who said You didn’t exist.

— You see I exist,

I’m not a myth ;

But you were so evil,

Count the Zulus you did kill !

Satan, thou friend of mine,

This one will be thine.”

(A now­here man : )

“I never believed

That you could live.

I think that believers

Made nothing but lots of wars.

— Yes, but you have been

Always so keen,

Gentle, open-min­ded,

You hel­ped those who were in need.

Satan, friend, I’m sorry,

This one comes with me.”