I guess it was just disdain,

Loud and clear, strong, true and plain,

That we felt for each other

The first time when I met her:

I was tough and harsh-speaking,

She was cold, kind of haughty.

My friends said she was pretty,

And I sneered : « Oh, really?! »

Since her world was also mine,

We would meet from time to time;

We had some friends in common,

So, the same conversations.

Within months, we grew closer,

I started to fell for her;

And sometimes, she smiled to me,

and I hoped: « Could it be? »

A few times, alone we met,

Had a drink and talked so late;

And though it was dark at night,

When she laughed, the world turned bright.

Yet, when you’re atop Everest,

Going down is all path left;

She drifted apart slowly

And I cry: « Where is she? »