Franck Mée
18 rue des Roses
75018 Paris

E-mail : franck at
Phone : (+33) 632 27 79 32
Born on November 27th, 1980
CIJP n°112319

Current occupations

  • since July 2016: translator for Eyrolles publisher. French versions for:
    • In Camera by Gordon Laing (2017)
    • Black & White Photography by Michael Freeman (2017)
    • Architectural Photography by Adrian Schulz (2016)
  • since July 2016: freelance writer
    • Chasseur d’Images, monthly magazine about photography
    • Drone Multirotor, bimestrial magazine about drones
  • since May 2016: freelance analyst, translator and writer for camera manufacturers

Previous works

  • December 2016: one-shot article in Info-Pilote (official monthly publication for the French Aeronautics Federation), relating the « Baltic Tour » my aero-club organized
  • October 2016: co-writer for Drôles de zings by French plane caricaturist Jean Barbaud
  • early 2016: 2 month stand-in for a leaving journalist, Les Numériques, connected house department
    LED lighting and bluetooth beacons reviews, news stories, technical papers
  • 2013-2015: head of camera reviews, Le monde de la photo (French monthly magazine and website about photography) and Workflow (quarterly magazine about managing, editing, printing and publishing photos and videos)
    camera tests and reviews planning and writing, news stories, technical papers and tutorials
  • 2007-2012: journalist, Les Numériques / Digital Versus (French-based website testing cameras, smartphones, TV, computer accessories, etc., 200 000+ readers a day in France)
    • 2010-2012: head of camera&photo department
      camera tests and reviews planning, managing writer, multiple writing for web and printed publication (in French « Image magazine »)
    • 2008-2010: photo&news writer
      writing news about products, technologies and market, cameras reviews (both in lab and general use), how-to and technical explanations
    • 2007-2008: news writer, reviews re-writer
      writing IT news, re-writing and adapting reviews for printed publication in French « Micro Actuel » magazine
  • 2003-2006: educational and dormitory supervisor in junior and senior high schools

Volunteer work

  • since 2014: proofreader, translator and writer, CFPA News (Californian aerial firefighting newsletter)
  • since 2007: writer, Aérobibliothèque (French aeronautics books reviews)

Working knowledge

  • Windows, GNU/Linux and Android operating systems, web/FTP, Google tools, AfterShot Pro, Gimp, office tools…
  • programming languages basics (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, C, Perl)
  • languages : native French, working English, basic Italian and Japanese (can write in French or English)
  • English-French translation

Educational background

  • 2006 : English-Japanese foreign languages 3rd-year degree, Grenoble 3 university
  • 2001 : computer science 3rd-year degree, Grenoble 1 university, with distinction
    training period in heterogeneous system images management
  • 2000 : computer science DUT (technical degree), Grenoble 2 university
    training period in conceiving and programming a society’s website


  • photo, especially car rallying and air shows
  • cinema enthusiast and occasional reviewer
  • sports : climbing, swimming, mountain biking, horse riding, running
  • driver’s license and private pilot’s licence (Airplane/SEP)