My eyes open after a long night,

Eve­ry­thing they see is white,

I smile through the window,

Let it snow.

The wea­ther repor­ter on TV

Says it is cold and windy,

I just think it is winter,

Let it snow.

Many dri­vers try to go to ski,

Whi­thout chains, it is funny,

And I’m lau­ghing for hours,

Let it snow.

I get out, smell the air, with big shoes,

And i feel I’ll never loose,

And I enjoy the day,

Let it snow.

And though the hole sky is cloudy,

The­re’s a light that shines on me,

Shine on until tomorrow,

Let it snow.

Lit­tle pieces of paradise

Are just fal­ling from the sky,

It is beau­ty coming down,

Let it snow.