Dear David…

Dear David Cameron,

first of all, let me apologize for my English. As you know, we Frenchmen have terrible language abilities, but this is an effort I want to make since I really want to get you to understand me.

Because it is, indeed, very important matters that I want to express tonight.

According to an article by Der Spiegel, you said that having Jean-Claude Juncker as head of the European Commission  would « destabilise [your] government to such a point that it would bring forward a referendum on whether to exit the EU », threatening the very participation of United Kingdom in the European Union.

Well, basically, this is blackmail, and I was always told that blackmail is bad. But you are a bit too old for that kind of lecture, so I will go straight to the reason why this time, it is without any doubt something you should be ashamed of.

Before the recent European elections, a promise was made. Each European party had one candidate, who was to become head of the European Commission, should this party get a majority in the European Parliament.

Aside from the struggle between S&D, EPP, ALDE and the Greens, there also was a much more easier to understand fight between Martin Shulz,  Jean-Claude Juncker, Guy Verhofstadt and Ska Keller.


Now, as you know, the EPP won this election. Maybe you are unhappy with this; I understand that, as a member of Conservative party and, therefore, member of the ECR group (which was the only big group not having a candidate for European Commission), you are disappointed to see a less conservative and more federalist party win the election. But you know what? This is how democracy works: the people’s choice is not always your personal favourite. I voted for a Green list and I have strong left-sided convictions, so I might hate EPP more that you do; and yet, I acknowledge EPP victory means Juncker should be our next president of the Commission.

Your warning that, in that case, you might trigger UK breaking up with European Union, shows two things: first, that you are a bad loser, which is really up to you and I won’t argue with; second, that you don’t give a shit about democracy, which is a very big problem for a head of a democratic State.

Let me be very clear: the European people called for an EPP-led Parliament assuming this would mean a Juncker-led Commission. And honestly, this is good, because given the results in France, we need a strong recall that there are people who believe that European Union is more than a mere alliance of countries — and though I strongly disagree with Juncker in about everything economics, I think it is a good thing a true federalist comes forward to strengthen the Union.

If you manage to put another candidate forward and have him denied his victory, then you will deny the European people the president they chose. You will shit on everything any Republican believe in, you will choose the tribe before the nation and the family before the tribe, you will destroy the faith we have in building bigger and bigger unions.

What will I say, tomorrow, to the people I told these past weeks: « European elections are important, this year more than ever, since for the first time we can have a direct input on both Parliament and Commission », if the one that was elected does not become president of the European Commission?

Oh, wait: I know. I shall tell them something like: « you were right, they screwed us once more. What they want is no democracy, and I shall never be this stupid again that I gave them any faith and trust. »

And you will not have lost just one more elector; you will have lost one of the people who still argued that European Union is something important.

So that’s it, dear David: Jean-Claude Juncker is the natural, people-chosen, winner for the presidency of the European Commission. Deal with it.

Otherwise, what you will do is far more serious than just being a bad loser: it will be no less than shitting on democracy itself and, in the process, destroying a bit more hope for the European Union citizens.